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Bolshie Black Banjaxed by Brave Bobbies Probe Reclining nude and hippies Construction workers Morris dancers arrive at the star hotel at the end of the annual rushbearing festival. The procession began at 11am and finished around 5.30pm with around a dozen pub stops between. More than a few young men dropped out on the route, worse the wear from drink. Fork lift truck driver, soon to be made redundant I don't give a fuck whether you're innocent or not, Hill. I've got orders right from the top and you're signing this statement. (Paddy Hill explains how he was framed) Anarchist protestor is arrested during stop-the-city demonstration Waiting for the result of the Birmingham Six appeal, an Irishman sings 'The patriot game' - a song from the 1916 uprisings which is banned on the British airwaves  Police Officers Clowns, musicians and jugglers entertain potential traders in the newly opened corn exchange shops Bruce Kent The truth McKenzie's friend advises woman summonsed to the Poll Tax Court: 'You're up shit creek luv' Poll tax court Drax power station Clark Kent guards bastion of local democracy as the fuckers decide to screw the poor Tommy Sheridan (chair, all britain federation of anti poll tax campaigns) gives a rebellion rousing speech at the Grand Theatre Ray Riley, ex-miner at Frickley. Ray took civil action against West Yorkshire Police for Assault, Wrongful Imprisonment, and Malicious Prosecution during the Miner's strike. Six years on the jury found in his favour. He was awarded £60,000 damages White Houses Meanwood - 3rd Stage - with new tenant Jo Richardson MP Arthur Scargill Arthur Scargill plays the judge, Nalgo AGM Vanguards of the revolution - these two militants stormed the council chamber after assaulting a member of the press David Blunkett Untitled image Carl from Wortley makes his view plain as he waits to go before magistrates for non-payment Untitled image Tony Rebel Testing oxygen equipment Jeff says 'bog off Bob Geldoff' Untitled image As the government announces over 300 deaths from hypothermia on the streets of London last year, a barefoot, obviously mentally ill man gobbles down a bag of chips in a sub-zero temperature Leeds bus stop Untitled image Marjorie Thompson Untitled image 2 British National Party members (middle and right) shout threats and racial abuse at deomstrators marching in support of the Dewsbury 82 Untitled image Drugs; amphetamine sulphate, or speed, is the second most widely used illegal substance in Britain Roy Hattersley M.P. Elders of the Sikh community lead a parade through the city to mark the birthday of the founder of Sikhism - Guru Nanak Untitled image Adding insult to murder. British National Party attempts to march past the spot where Rolan Adams was murdered by racists. The theme of the march was 'Rights for Whites' Untitled image Firefighters testing breathing equipment View over Sowerby Bridge from North Cliffe Homeless 'Care in the Community' man sits in his own urine Coal Merchant Untitled image Muslims march to celebrate the prophet's birthday, and to demand the implementation of the fatwa against Salman Rushdie Fire Brigade, Winter. Wrinkled peaceniks Peacenik We've paid our Poll Tax - Judges 'life' and Bastard are escorted past assorted left wing scum by constables Evel and Knievel The used car business is safe in our hands guv. Two toffs at the Civic Hall Cunningham: Hey George. You wanna buy a nuclear re-processing plant? Mudie: No, but I know a council that does. The heirs to the mantle of socialism. Nicked in Hyde Park Firefighter tests oxygen equipment and himself, by crawling through the sewer beneath the Fire Station in full kit Mount St. Mary's interior Riot police, Wapping Untitled image According to a recent survey, Gipton has suffered a 17 percent jump in crime. It is also now the most dangerous place in West Yorkshire for police officers, who face a one in five chance of being assaulted York Minster Statue of St Bernard de Labre - the beggar saint - Mount St. Mary's church Things have come to a pretty pass in Cairo, where the authorities have had to put a fire exit and alarm in Queen Nefertiti's tomb, to comply with safety standards Workers at the revamped corn exchange - unfortunately, their wage packets will probably not run to the prices in the designer shops being wooed there Pithead - Frickley